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In order for the Village Hall to remain open, there are a number of new protocols that must be in place for occasional users and regular hirers to use the Hall.


The information below is a snapshot of some of the requirements:



  • Hirers are to conduct their own risk assessment, using this template and submit it by email no later than 3 days before your event. Your hire will remain subject to approval by the Committee.



  • Nobody with Covid-19 symptoms is to attend your event.


  • You are to keep a record of the name and contact telephone number or email of those that attended your event for 3 weeks and provide the record to NHS track and trace if required. Please note: individuals are not obliged to provide details, you are required to ask for them.


  • No event is to be attended by more than 30 people although social distancing requirements will reduce this further depending on the activity being undertaken and the age/vulnerability of those attending.


  • You must clean all surfaces etc that you are likely to touch both prior to and after your event, so please allow enough time for this (you will be charged during this period).

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