Village Hall News

Silver Time Legal
Tax, Care & The New Guy
1030 - 1230

A no obligation talk from professionals to explain some of the changes in laws that could affect you and your family and help you plan for the future. 

It is open to all age groups, it is never too early to plan ahead!

NHS Covid Vaccination
Pop-up clinic
Monday 20th June
12:00 - 16:00


Wellbeing Yoga

27 June - 25 July
1100 - 1200

Official Re-opening & AGM

Re-opening at 1830 with free tea and coffee plus a chance to chat with the current committee.

AGM at 1900 with the reports from the Chair & Treasurer.

This is a public meeting and will give you the opportunity to have your say, volunteer to help us to provide services to the community as well as have an influence on any future refurbishment projects for the Hall.

Other News

Logo Competition - November 2021

The Village Hall received a small grant from the National Lottery in September 2021 to aid us in our advertising. As well as buying some promotional material, we also held a competition in partnership with Longford Primary Academy to create a new Logo for the village Hall. The winners were chosen from each year-group with an overall winner selected. The winning Year Group Pictures are shown below:

The overall winner was chosen, after much deliberation by the panel as Moro Diakite from Year 4 and the design in the top left of his picture used as the inspiration for a graphic designer to create our new logo, as shown below:

A huge thank you to Longford Primary Academy and especially to Moro, for all the effort that went in to the activity and resulted in a great new logo that will be used for many years to come! All of the winners' work has been used in postcards that we have been posting through letterboxes in the village to promote the activities of the Village Hall. Photos of the judging are in the Gallery page.

Volunteers Needed

Could this be You?

Longford Village Hall - Your Community Needs Your Skills! 

We’re looking for additional Committee Members. 

The monies that were granted when the new estate was developed have proved not to be enough to match even our modest ambitions (see the Improvements Page). Even the extension will require additional funding for which are taking a number of approaches:

  • Making funding applications to funding organisations.

  • Raising money through specific events (see this page for more detail).

Things are starting to happen  after a long period of work behind the scenes during the Covid-19 lockdown. 


We have a number of objectives we need to achieve in order to make our Village Hall the wonderful welcoming community space it deserves to be and should be.  The current Committee needs you to make this happen.  


Bigger is Better!

Come and join us at an exciting time for Change!


Please ring 07843 772627 or email to register your interest.  

We can’t wait to hear from you and you will receive a warm welcome. 


Kindest regards from Phil, Chair and all of the Longford Village Hall Committee