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Booking The Hall

Thank you for supporting us, please follow the steps below (with links) for making your booking.

Please print the Application Form and Vacation Checklist.  Please bring a printed, signed copy of the Application Form when paying your security deposit and collecting the keys.

The whole process is outlined in the link below

D72_4699 copy.jpg

Available for Parties, Clubs and Meetings

The Longford Village Hall Committee would like to extend a warm welcome to you if you wish to hire the Hall.

Please note the terms and conditions of hire are subject to compliance of the hirer and the final decision will be the prerogative of the committee.  Please see the terms and conditions in the booking form. The Hall is for hire to all without prior distinction or prejudice.

We would like to replace the current booking method with a web based version in the near future. This will allow you to:

  • See when the Hall is available

  • Make your booking

  • Pay your fees and deposits

All in one place and at your convenience.

Please see our privacy statement.

General Rates

The Village Hall is available for your events. Please note that your set up and clean up time should be taken into consideration. The following rates apply.

  • Deposit - £50.00 refundable, see Additional Charges.

  • Parishioners £8.00 per hour.

  • Non-parishioners £10.00 per hour.

  • Weekends - £15.00 per hour.

  • Use of the cooker £15.00 single payment for the duration of your event.

Additional Charges

  • Damages - All damages are expected to be replaced or repaired at the hirers' expense.

  • Loss of Keys £20.00

  • Loss of padlock £100.00 (this includes the cutting of additional keys and re-issue to key holders)

  • Cleaning - If the Hall is not left in the condition in which you found it there will be an additional charge for cleaning at £12.50 per hour which will be taken from your deposit. This may also affect your ability to book the Hall in the future.

General  Conditions

  • Seating - The Hall can only accommodate approximately 70 - 80 people sitting at tables.

  • Music - Please be considerate to the local residents and ensure that music is not too loud particularly later in the evening

  • Bouncy Castles - Bouncy Castles can be set up inside the Hall but must be under 10ft 6 ins (3.2m) high and the provider must be insured.

Please be aware that your booking is for the Village Hall and car park only, the Village Hall accepts no liability for any injuries that occur on the field.

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